victory chimes

Why Sail 

Because we're a Big Deal

Because our trips are all-inclusive, they're a "Big Deal." See what we did there?

Our ship is also the largest passenger sailing vessel of the United States - so, a big deal there too.

See why it's a big deal for our guests to sail VICTORY CHIMES.

One Great Decision

Matt & MaryHelen

"Victory Chimes and its crew gave us one of the best holiday adventures in our recent memory, you make one decision and everything is covered for your trip, which was incredibly valuable to us, and made it an amazing value: all of our transportation, lodging, meals, and entertainment were covered in one price."

- Google Review

Adventure & Relaxation

Ashely & Matt

"What a fantastic trip! The Victory Chimes is the perfect mix of adventure and relaxation. The scenery, live music, and food create the perfect backdrop to kick back and experience the beauty of Maine in a way you never could otherwise." - Google Review

Sara Solves the Puzzle


Can a daughter plan a family vacation that's fun for everyone, without feeling miserable in the process?  C'mon Sara, think!

"We have to do this!"


Coming home from the Gulf War, Charles found out how nice Maine people can be. It was then he said to his fiance - "we have to go to Maine." Years later, finally on vacation in Maine, he hears the guests on VICTORY CHIMES having a great time and says - "we have to do this!"