2019: First Crew under Capt. Sikkema

The first is always special and this group lived up to that with sailorly skill, chummy camaraderie and endearing silliness.


Chef Jeffery Miller

VICTORY CHIMES has an engine. Yes, the secret is out.

Below deck, in the galley, is what fills our trips with enjoyment as much as the wind fills our sails.

It is the cooking of our Chef, Chef Jeffery Miller.

He is always sailing or cooking and has lived on sailboats for the last 20 years. Being aboard VICTORY CHIMES allows him to be immersed in his two favorite passions: sailing and cooking.

He grew up in a home with a commercial stove; the house was literally built around it: a Garland, 8 burner commercial stove, so big that the walls couldn’t be put up until stove was installed.

His mother studied with Patricia Wells in Provence Italy and Jeff picked up the passion from his grandmother who has a widely known Appalachian culinary flair for simple brilliance, and a dramatic hospitality for things like a thanksgiving where each person was surprised with their favorite entree; each individually prepared for them.

In school, he worked in kitchens around marinas and he cooked his way through college, fully paying his tuition as he went.

He moved to Florida to up his Captain’s license by adding offshore time.