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Kerry Hayes

& Jesse Stuart

July 5-10

Kerry Hayes: The Art of Seeing

20/20 vision will not help you create good photography. That requires a different type of vision. One that understands how the camera will interpret and record the scene you see with your eyes and brain.


The best digital sensor is a blunt instrument compared with the human retina.


Camera lens’ also behave differently than the lens in your eye. Knowing these differences allows the photographer to pre-visualize is ultimate image, that is to know in advance how what you are seeing with your eye will be interpreted and reproduced by your equipment. Learning what you are capable of accomplishing post production through software, and that is a great deal, is today also critical in pre-visualization.

This course however is not a technical one. It will not drill very deep into the science of exposure values, f-stops, shutter speeds, camera gear or photographic software applications. It’s aim is for you to gain an understanding of what you need to be considering when you shoot so that you may better predict your end results.


To put you on the road to becoming adept at having your photographs on screen or in a print consistently resemble what you imagined they would when you triggered the shutter. We will discuss how to see and interpret the light, the critical importance of composition, the power of gesture and moment in your photographs, tips for portraiture, travel photography and landscapes and how proper editing can instantly improve how others perceive you as a photographer.

Two for the price of one. In addition to lectures and presentations by one of the todays most accomplished professional photographers Kerry will be assisted by experienced Maine photographer Jesse Stuart. He will be available throughout the sail to field all your technical questions.


This course will provide the opportunity for anyone who loves photography to learn the art of seeing from one of todays top professionals and artist, to improve your skills as well and create memorable photographs while sailing and shooting Maine’s famously rugged and beautiful coast and picturesque villages

Kerry Hayes: Bio

What do The Legends of the Fall, X-Men 2 and 3, and the Oscar winning films The Shape of Water and Spotlight have in common? Gifted photographer Kerry Hayes. Kerry has created still images of movies that have motivated millions to buy a ticket . To create one image, that will capture your attention, whet your appetite and make you want to see a movie, no matter the genre, takes great acuity of vision and fast reflexes. Kerry’s innate understanding of light and composition plus an unerring perception of gesture and moment all come together in the unique and arresting images of his personal work as well.

Born and raised in New York City it was love at first click. His passion for photography led Kerry to a life devoted to the art of seeing and to achieving rapid commercial success, shooting for top magazines, major corporations and design firms. In 1982 serendipity led to an assignment on a movie set. Success followed quickly and within three years he had shot films for Woody Allen, Sidney Lumet and John Huston. 


Today he is one the top feature film still photographers in the world. Recently devoting more of his time to his personal artistic output he has likewise found success in numerous gallery shows. The guiding hand of serendipity likewise brought him to Canada. In 1973, on a Greek island ferry, Kerry sat next to a Canadian woman who four years later would become his wife. In 1989 they moved with their three young daughters to Toronto. Today he continues his art and career on both sides of the border.

Kerry conducted a workshop at The Media Workshops Program for over 25 years and was consistently rated by his students as one of the top instructors there.

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Jesse Stuart: Bio

Jesse is local to Rockland, Maine and can be seen all over the area shooting events, scenes, people and performances. 

His cheery demeanor and keen eye will be a boon to anyone's skill set, from novice to seasoned pro.

This workshop opportunity coincides with the Parade of Sail Cruise so you'll have a lot of chances to get good pictures and Jesse will be there to coach you to best capture the beautiful Maine scenery and Bucket List event that is the Parade of Sail. 

Get your Instagram feed on point, and learn how to go from good to great at taking picture with Jesse helping on the technical side for this great Photography workshop!

What is

Sea Great Music?

Sea Great Music is the Summer Concert Series presented by VICTORY CHIMES. On these indicated Maine cruises, aboard our, built in 1900, Designated National Landmark schooner, entertainers sail aboard for the entirety of the cruise, putting on evening concerts for all those lucky enough to be in earshot.