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Gary Crocker

July 30 - Aug 2

Gary Crocker

Gary Crocker heard his first stories from his Grandfather Russell. The two of them walked the Maine woods together while Grandfather Russell told Maine tales. But the man who had the most impact on Crocker's decision to be a Maine humorist was the legendary Marshall Dodge.

"He was probably one of the finest storytellers I ever heard," says Gary, who has collected all of Dodge's tapes. He first heard the master storyteller in the mid '70s at the Ladd Recreation Center in Wayne. Crocker, who arrived early to get a front-row seat, was mesmerized by his storytelling. "I remember him sitting there with a stool and microphone for over an hour, telling us classic Maine stories in a S-L-O-W Maine dialect." After seeing that performance Crocker knew he wanted to become a Maine storyteller.

Gary's first official booking as a paid humorist was around 1980, at a Rotary club in Augusta. "That's where most public speakers start up and get their practice." Since then he has performed in Maine and throughout the United States. His audiences have ranged from a captivated four people to 30,000 Boy Scouts attending a jamboree at the Brunswick Naval Air Station. 

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What is

Sea Great Music?

Sea Great Music is the Summer Concert Series presented by VICTORY CHIMES. On these indicated Maine cruises, aboard our, built in 1900, Designated National Landmark schooner, entertainers sail aboard for the entirety of the cruise, putting on evening concerts for all those lucky enough to be in earshot.