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Dennis Warner

August 11-16

Dennis Warner

Performing in over 100 cities each year, Folk/Americana musician and entertainer Dennis Warner has established a well-deserved reputation for captivating audiences with his smooth vocals, distinguished songs, enthusiastic personality and stellar playing on both six and twelve string guitars.

Besides being a gifted musician, Dennis Warner is also an outstanding entertainer, cleverly blending ballads, up-tempo songs, audience participation and humor into a memorable event. He is noted for his warm stage presence and ability to connect with his audience. 


He is also a renowned author whose book, now in its Sixth Printing,  Beads on One String evolved from one of his songs and led to the creation of The Beads on One String Project, an elementary school curriculum used throughout the country as a meaningful and fun way to teach kids about the negative effects of bullying and the positive effects of recognizing our “connectedness” with each other.

Even if he never strummed a chord or sang a note while aboard, he's one of those people that you just like to be around. 

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What is

Sea Great Music?

Sea Great Music is the Summer Concert Series presented by VICTORY CHIMES. On these indicated Maine cruises, aboard our, built in 1900, Designated National Landmark schooner, entertainers sail aboard for the entirety of the cruise, putting on evening concerts for all those lucky enough to be aboard.