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Land & Sea Packages:

We board the night on the date listed on the schedule between 6 and 8 p.m., and arrive back in Rockland before noon on the last date on the schedule.

* Cancellation Policy

Sweet Suites and Neat Retreats

Even though you won't spend much time in your room, we've made sure that when you're there, you're cozy and comfortable; that you'll sleep like a baby and wake to the aroma of a hearty, fresh breakfast.

In addition to some suites having their own facilities, there are three public use restrooms and two hot showers for everyone!

With 6'7" ceilings, refined bedding, and provided accoutrements like towels and washcloths, you will feel right at home while being transported away.

Victory Chimes is the largest passenger sailing vessel under the USA flag, yet she accommodates just 40 guests. This means you won't be stored like cargo, but pampered like houseguests.

Some of the rooms are similar; when you get it right - repeat, and some are special (fancy) like the suites. That's why there are only six indicators below; the rooms are similar enough, that only those six are different enough to be described below.

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"Standard" Cabin

This is what could be called a "standard" room. Keep in mind that we set the Victory Chimes to a higher standard, so maybe it's best to see it as Standard and not #basic. Below describes rooms 1,4,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,14,16,& 18


With ceilings of 6'7", a cozy pair of comfy bunk beds, a sink and cheery, glowing porthole to peek out at the morning light or open in the afternoon to nap to the music of the wind and sea, these rooms are anything but standard.


Cabin 2

This room sleeps two, not in stacked twin bunks though, but in adjacent twins. If you like to jump on the bed, or you like an airy feeling to your pillow fights, then Room 2 is a great choice.

Like all rooms, the ceilings are 6'7" (be impressed), it has a nice sink, fluffy bedding and a cheery porthole to glow the room or let in the music of the wind and sea. 


Admiral's Suite

This Suite sleeps the same number of people as a regular room, but here - you’ll get to sleep side-by-side on a nice, Queen-sized (wow!) bed. Complete with its own restroom, a convenient sink and a cheery porthole for peeking at the scenery or enjoying the music of the sea. This and the Governor's suite are the ship's top of the line accommodations!

Cabin 5

This room is a “double-double,” that is, it has two sets of bunk beds. For friends into a summer camp vibe where you tell stories from your bunks at night and get into laughing fits, this is the perfect, cozy clubhouse.

Complete with a sink and fluffed, soft bedding, you may not get out of bed very easily in the morning, but at least you’ll have three friends nearby to help wake you up.

Suites 15 & 17: Yin & Yang

Each of these suites has, in addition to a convenient sink and charming porthole like the other rooms, it’s own RESTROOM and a real, full-sized bed. These two suites sort of mirror each other in a Yin/ Yang sort of way, so one is left-handed and the other is right-handed. No, we don’t know which is which. We just made that up. When you stay in a suite, everything is just a little more Victorious and bit more melodiously Chimey. If you want to take it up a notch with a suite, from taking it up a notch by booking a cruise on Victory Chimes, then either of these suites is a pretty notchy choice. 

GS - Governor’s Suite

Oh my, nice choice! This suite is sister to the Admiral's Suite, both are the top of the line accommodations aboard!

With a comfy, Queen-sized bed (!) and its own restroom, even the captain will be jealous when you stroll into breakfast from the glow of this fine room. 

Private Cabins (Single Occupancy)

Cabins 1,19 and 21 each only have one twin bunk. 

You still get the high ceilings (6'7"), the cheery portal and the fluffy bedding and great mattresses that all the other cabins get so you won't feel like a stowaway at all. This is Victory Chimes people; when your first name is Victory, you try extra hard to be a winner.  

Credit: @CDurfor - staff photographer, Historic Jamestown