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Ben Van Winkle

July 21-28

Ben Van Winkle

He writes songs about the human experience: "To try to relate to people. From mundane things that we all experience, to the supernatural things we all imagine."

"I sing about things in a personal way. I try to express my self truly and honestly and embrace my vulnerability and awkwardness, which feels surprisingly like acting."

From a review by Jim Fuller PHD:

"Ben accompanies himself on cello in a unique style. Furiously bowing, strumming, plucking, thumping, the instrument, he exhibits everything from metal rock lead man to sensitive naïve ingénue in both his playing and singing."

"He is truly a polymath – composer, lyricist, singer, cellist, guitarist, dancer(!) —  and, perhaps, even the word genius applies here!"

"It’s hard for me to express my appreciation for the enormity of his talent, and I hope never to miss one of his performances!"

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What is

Sea Great Music?

Sea Great Music is the Summer Concert Series presented by VICTORY CHIMES. On these indicated Maine cruises, aboard our, built in 1900, Designated National Landmark schooner, entertainers sail aboard for the entirety of the cruise, putting on evening concerts for all those lucky enough to be in earshot.