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Boundless Welcome


Victory Chimes

July Adventures

This year is Maine's Bicentennial!  Among all the celebrations taking place around the state, we'll be starring in three of the festivals!


Click on the dates to learn about these fun events. Then come enjoy them from the best seat in the house, the deck of our fine ship!

  • Sunday, June 28 - Saturday, July 4

6 Night Cruise

 Base Price: $1206 per person

Great Schooner Race

The Great Schooner Race is a lauded local event that draws in and celebrates the culture and tradition of sailing and wooden boats. You'll see that it remains strong and cherished here in Maine. 


Join us for an adventurous week of cruising the scenic islands that culminates with The Great Schooner Race.  The whole of the Schooner fleet, and often more, will be invited to race a full day's course with a good dose of friendly competition. 


The finish line is the Rockland Breakwater lighthouse, but the fun doesn't end there. There's a party in Rockland where all the schooner guests, crew and captains get to meet up for a BBQ together.

Sailing in the midst of the full windjammer fleet is an exciting sight, ripe with history and the regal beauty of these fine ships. Hearty cheers and happy camaraderie are the theme of the day. 


Often other ships join in the event and we all get to see new faces and splendid ships. The top picture to the right shows the sleek and luxurious schooner Columbia that joined in for the 2019 race.


Also, there's always a trail of smaller boats and sightseers that skim by for waves and pictures. The Great Schooner Race is such a friendly and scenic event to be a part of - and you'll be front and center aboard the only three-masted schooner out there! (We always win our class - "three masted schooner.")

To top it off, we'll be back in time for you to enjoy the 4th of July ashore so you can join in the local celebrations and see the night's fireworks too!  What a wonderful week to choose for your Maine adventure. 

  •  Sunday, July 5 - Friday, July 10 *with later (3pm) return!

5 Night Cruise

 Base Price: $1117 per person

Parade of Sail & Art of Seeing Photography workshop

This trip will Feature a parade of the Schooner Fleet, a full moon and a later return time of 3pm to our wharf.


Being a 5 night cruise means we'll be exploring far into our sailing waters and enjoying a nice run of fantastic food and desserts made fresh aboard, everyday.


Which means you’ll be taking a lot of pictures. A. Lot.


That’s why this is the perfect cruise for us to host a Photography workshop!


It’s an optional treat; you can sign up when you book, or when you board. 


Aboard for this cruise will be photographers Kerry Hayes and Jesse Stuart. Both sailed with us last year. Jesse hosted a workshop to rave reviews and Kerry’s reputation makes him a welcome addition and a sure treat!


Kerry is a feature film photographer. You’ve likely seen his celebrity portraits and promotional stills. He’s also conducted a workshop for Maine Media in Rockport for years. 


This course will provide the opportunity for anyone who loves photography to learn the “Art of Seeing” from Kerry, one of today’s top artist/professionals, and offer Jesse’s one-on-one technical support with cameras and individual photos.


This “two for the price of one” experience will improve your skills as well as create memorable photographs while sailing and shooting Maine’s famously rugged, beautiful coast and picturesque villages.


Click Kerry’s picture to learn more about him and this wonderful workshop we put together for you. 


Workshop fee is 200, that will be added to your cruise at the time of booking or once you’re aboard when you get all excited to take part!

  •  Saturday, July 11 - Friday, July 17   *In Portland*

6 Night Cruise

 Base Price: $1325 per person

Voyage Down to Maine's Bicentennial

- featuring Mike & Amy Aiken

*This Trip Boards in Rockland and Disembarks in Portland.*

This trip is a rare chance to explore the coast all the way down to Portland, where Victory Chimes hasn't been in 50 years!

Our destination of Portland will be host to a gathering of Tall Ships that's a premier feature of Maine's Bicentennial celebration. Portland's "Old Port" will be bustling with celebrations among all the shops and restaurants, and tours of all the participating ships will be available. 

Bicentennial celebrations don't happen very often - (why is that? they're such fun!) - so being a big part of this event, literally, is going to be a Once-In-A-Lifetime trip on top of being a Bucket List adventure voyage.

And - Mike & Amy Aiken are sailing with us on this trip! They are Grammy nominated artists, licensed sea captains and weave their adventurous life into music that's been described as "Americana, Folk and Roots with an ocean view." Click their picture to learn more!

If you've never sailed with us, you're going to be so wowed by the adventure, impressed by the food, affected by the music and overjoyed at your choice of this trip, that you're going to run out of film, fill your phone and be exhausted from smiling. If you have sailed with us before, you won't be exhausted from smiling because you've been training for this trip. 

*This Trip Boards in Rockland and Disembarks in Portland.*

  • Tuesday, July 21 -  Tuesday, July 28   *In Rockland*

7 Night Cruise

Base Price: $1495 per person

Downeast Voyage from Portland to Rockland

- featuring Ben Van Winkle

*This Trip Boards in Portland and Disembarks in Rockland.*

If you've driven Route 1 from Portland to Rockland, either after landing there on a flight to Maine or as the last leg of your drive from further south, you might think you've seen what Maine has to offer on that route.

You haven't. 

There's (so much) more to that stretch of Maine than the big service plaza in Kennebunkport or a stop in Freeport to visit LL Bean - and we're going to explore it. Thoroughly.

All the while, we'll have "the novelty, creativity, and joy of music" that is Ben Van Winkle. He's an accomplished cellist, lyricist and composer, achieving an amazing variety of styles and emotions with his instrument and voice. Click his picture to learn more. 

This trip will rewrite what you think you know about Maine, and the cello! We'll end at our homeport, and gem of the midcoast, Rockland.

This is our longest trip of the season, so you're going to explore more of Secret Maine, eat more of our tasty and renowned meals, and enjoy more time sailing - than any other trip this season. 

*This Trip Boards in Portland and Disembarks in Rockland.*

Photo by Kevin C. Mills