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August Adventures

  • Thursday, July 30 - Saturday, August 2

3 Night Cruise

Base Price: $850 per person

The annual Maine Humor cruise; comedian Gary Crocker will be sailing with us for his 9th year, making you laugh harder than you knew you could.


This while you enjoy the Summer sunshine and rocky coast of Maine, as we show you what our exquisite archipelago has to offer.

Fed well, cruised about, and made to laugh - a great combination to assure a wonderful sailing vacation aboard our fine ship in the height of the summer. 

Click on his picture to learn more about Gary Crocker

and hear his humor!

Humor Cruise with Gary Crocker

  •  Monday, August 3 - Friday, August 7

 4 Night Cruise

 Base Price: $972 per person

Is that a Bald Eagle?! Yup, there are many in the area. Wow.


Yes, you don’t have to be “into bird watching” to enjoy seeing the birds of the Maine Coast during this cruise. We bet you will be by the end of this cruise though.


Last year, during the Biodiversity Research Institute’s (BRI) inaugural cruise, the group logged 35 species of birds - five different species of gull alone! - five species of marine mammals, and many sightings of the uniquely shaped ocean sunfish!


This year’s cruise is longer and so we’re bound to see even more!


We’ll have marine bird expert Iain Stenhouse aboard. He’ll be  a wonderful expert resource for sightings and sharing his passion for seabirds and the islands of Maine. 

With all the scenery and birdwatching going on, you may find that pictures just aren’t enough to really capture the experience. We’ll also feature a writing workshop with BRI’s Deborah McKew. 

As with all our cruises, you will see wondrous sights, sail along picturesque islands and be spoiled with fine meals - but this one will be even more special because you’ll likely end up appreciating Maine’s rugged beauty and natural diversity even more. 

Coastal Birdwatching Trip

  •  Friday, August 7 - Monday, August 10

 3 Night Cruise

Base Price:  $850 per person

Dyado sailed with us in 2019. They were a joy, and they're back with us again! Their nightly performances had everyone on deck, entranced by their touching harmonies, asking for more and more!

Cousins Matt Lohan and Louisa Stancioff, from North Carolina, make up the duo of Dyado and they're an eclectic indie rock and folk duo. They play

creative original and traditional songs, all in glorious harmony.

Between Matt's sailing experience, where he eagerly jumped in to help the crew, and Louisa's daytime playing with Cara, that wasn't even part of the schedule, they were great fun to have aboard.

Matt even took the Captain's dory for a hearty sail after we anchored for the day and had everyone cheering him on as he zipped and tacked about in the day's gusty winds!


This heartfelt duo is sure to be good company again, and as excited as you to enjoy our Maine coast sailing experience. 

Click on the picture to learn more about Dyado and hear their music!

Summer Snack - featuring Dyado

Victory Chimes.jpg
  • Tuesday, August 11 - Sunday, August 16

       5 Night Cruise

Base Price: $1035 per person

On this cruise, in the gold of August, we'll be featuring Dennis Warner. He sailed with us last summer to rave reviews and so he's earned a welcome return! 


Beyond his musicianship - playing both six and twelve string guitars - he's a very interesting person to be around. He's also an author whose book about bullying and connectedness is used in elementary schools across the country. 


Dennis's reputation for connecting with his audience is no exaggeration, and that's one of the compelling perks of our Sea Great Music Summer Concert Series; getting to spend time with artists in a unique and fun, social way.

Our cruises are as much about people as place, and having interesting people like Dennis on board can really add to a trip without a single song being sung. Imagine how much more fun you'll have on this cruise because you'll get more than just a single song - there's the great food, the island excursions, the sailing, the scenery, the sunsets. It's truly going to be golden!

Click on the picture to learn more about Dennis and to hear his music!

August Gold - featuring Dennis Warner 

Maine Golden hour sailing vacation.jpg
  • Monday, August 17 - Thursday, August 20

       3 Night Cruise

Base Price: $850 per person

Beat the heat and loll in the breezes! No matter how hot it gets on shore, it's always cooler on the water.


The islands are nice too, always catching the sea breezes, so we'll be going ashore wherever we happen to be. The wind and tides set our itinerary, so you'll enjoy the indulgence of "Chimes" time, which has no schedule but the meals. 

Three times a day you'll be spoiled with fine food and the whole time gathered together to share the joy of summer sailing off the coast of Maine.


Our trips are a pure experience of wind and sea; the music of sailing and the beauty of the sea. 

Deep Summer Cooldown 

  • Friday, August 21 - Monday, August 24

      3 Night Cruise

Base Price: $850 per person

In the deep of August, beautiful boats fill Maine’s coastal waters in the day and stars fill the skies at night. The air is mild and the sunsets glow warmly. We sometimes have dinner on deck and watch as the sun's showy finale dims to the darkest blue of dusk.


Every spot on deck is front row to the best of Maine. Don't miss it.


It’s then on this trip that, that the crickets come out - the Chivalrous Crickets! 


This artful acoustic band interweaves traditional music of the British isles, Celtic nations, and Appalachia with ancient european art song. 


August tends to be warmer and be less gusty than other months. But what it lacks in wind is made up for with more leisurely sails, sweet Maine sunshine and a pace that oozes Vacation Mode.

Time to tan and read your book, have a stroll on an island and eat a delicious meal on deck; an ideal chance for swimming right off the ship or taking one of our smaller boats out for a row or a sail in our day's chosen cove. 


These trips turn the summer into magic and the charming musical performances will be a lovely complement to your maritime experience aboard our historic ship. To learn more about them, click their picture!

Bit of Bliss - Featuring The Chivalrous Crickets

Chivalrous Crickets in Maine.jpg
  • Tuesday, August 25 - Monday, August 31

      6 Night Cruise

Base Price: $1117 per person

These six night cruises mean we get to go further out among the islands and deeper down into the archives of adventure - and this time - deeper into the playlists of a wonderfully unique artist. 

Secret Maine is also unique; it's what we call all those harbors, seaside villages, island sights and cozy coves that you just can't see any other way but from aboard.  And Sea Great Music is our name for when acoustic musicians travel with us and play in the evenings at sunset. 

The best way to see the beauty of the rugged Maine coast is from the water. Sailing with us offers a special way to ply the lesser knowns of our great state, the often best of Maine, Secret Maine.

Our cruises also offer a special way to enjoy music. 

Join us for this Explorer's Edition of a sailing cruise vacation; a six-night excursion heading out far into the area's renowned sailing waters. All the while, being pampered with fine food, wonderful accommodations

and the sweet music of Chicago born singer songwriter, Heather Styka.

Heather Styka who dances where others fear to tread, gleefully cuts to the truth with gutsy vulnerability. She combines the lyrical intricacy of folk with a catchy melodic pop sensibility and the grit of classic country in songs that are smart and disarming. Her witty acoustic music promises to add a special touch to this deeper adventure of our Maine Coast.

Secret Maine: Explorer's Edition - featuring Heather Styka

Heather Styka 3.jpg

Experience the Music of the Wind and Sea



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