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Maine Sailing Adventures

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Last of its Kind Still Sailing

3 - 6 Day All-Inclusive Vacations

We want to share with you the rugged beauty of Maine's rocky  coast. We offer unique 3 - 6 day All-Inclusive, Maine sailing adventures, rich with delicious food, comfy cabins and good company.

With Maine's remote islands, small villages and renowned sailing waters, your experience aboard the national historic landmark Schooner VICTORY CHIMES will be exceptional.


Even when we anchor, you can keep exploring in one of our small boats.


This three-masted schooner is the last of its kind in the world, still sailing. Your experience will be singular, memorable and immersed in the history and authentic charm of this great ship.

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Tour the Ship

3 min.

Take a quick tour of our ship on a fine day, in a quiet cove. 

Catch the Highlights

2 min.

What's it like to sail with us? Watch this video to find out. 

Join the Adventure!

9 min.

Jeremy T. Grant of The Timber Cross joins us for a week of fun!

An Experience Not to be Missed

"We boarded the boat for a four day cruise around the islands near Rockland, ME; Nothing could have been better.


The boat was immaculate, the food was incredible, and the crew were great. We've sailed around Maine before, but this experience was the best ever."

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Delicious Food

When you're on a boat for days, you better have good food - and we do!

Good food makes every day aboard into a lasting memory.


Remember that family style 

lobster dinner? You will. And those pancakes, plumped with Maine Blueberries? You don't want to miss them.

We provide impressive meals, snacks, desserts and spoiling equal to the passing beauty of Maine's renowned coast.

With food so good, and a boat so charming, you will feel quite spoiled as we experience the Maine coast. 

Beautiful Ship

Victory Chimes is a regal, true piece of history. She's designated as a historical landmark and plies Maine's bays with stately grace and a cheery presence. 


With 6'7" ceilings, refined bedding, hot showers and provided accoutrements, you will feel right at home while being transported away.

Victory Chimes is the largest passenger sailing vessel under the USA flag, yet she accommodates just 40 guests. This means you won't be stored like cargo, but pampered like houseguests.

We love her, and you will too!

Chill Downtime

The elemental nature of daily life aboard Victory Chimes is wonderfully ripe with beauty and light, scenery and socializing, quiet time and excitement.

You'll lounge on deck, sightsee without getting up, read, snack, nap, socialize and chill deeply. 

Sunrises are often magical, with coves draped in mist gilded by the day's first light, and sunsets are often stunning and emotional. 

Victory Chimes is large enough to always have your privacy and cozy enough to have everything right nearby. Your cruise will be memorable and relaxing.

As an evening punctuation to the day's adventure, we often feature live acoustic music. We call it Sea Great Music.

Sailing and song have gone together since crews hauled ropes in rhythm and sang to pace their work.


Like the 'Chimes herself, all the music is without power.

Each night of these cruises, after dinner, in the afterglow of sunset, we get to hear the pure sounds of voice and instrument, as elemental as wind and sail. 


Imagine hearing wonderful acoustic music while we're anchored in a secluded Maine cove, as the evening sky blushes into the blue of  dusk; it's magical.  

 Sea Great Music​

Victory Chimes

Last of its kind schooner, first of its kind venue

And Guitar, fiddle, drums...heck, maybe a tuba.

On special dates, we feature musicians, workshops and jam sessions on board!

Experience the Music of the Wind & Sea



PO Box 1401
Rockland, ME 04841

Experience the Music of the Wind and Sea

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